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Types of Care


Service Coordination

You will have a dedicated service delivery coordinator responsible for ensuring all of your Platinum All Care supports are meeting your individual needs and preferences.


Respite care

Respite care allows for both a person with a disability and their carer to have a break or a change of scenery. It is the alternative care that is put in place while a usual care giver is unavailable.


Community Access

Don't let disability hold your back! With support from our team of passionate and highly skilled support workers, you can continue to stay involved with your community, maintain your independence, or try something new and exciting.


Personal Care

Personal Care is fundamental to your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It includes eating and drinking well, daily hygiene including bathing and oral care, regular bowel and bladder functions, and much more.


Gardening services

If your disability makes it difficult for you to maintain your garden or manage tasks around your yard, you may be able to use your NDIS funding to pay for gardening services.


Household cleaning

A person’s disability should not impede an individual’s way of experiencing a comfortable and safe home. We are a cleaning service provider who renders their time, expert house cleaners and excellent cleaning services.


Support coordinator

Our experienced, qualified Support Coordinator team can help you understand and implement your NDIS Plan. They also aim to increase your ability to manage your own supports.


Plan management

Can get help from a plan manager to improve your financial and plan management skills.


We provide a range of services

At Platinum all care we provide a range of services to assist and support clients in achieiving their goals and needs, alongside with support coordination and plan management we also provide a range of services to assist clients within their home and within the community . As apart of the service delivery we provide services to assist clients in their daily living tasks for example support to access personal and domestic  care and help with household tasks, assistance with social and community participation for example supports to access the community or activities that will build skills and independence, consumebles for example support to buy everyday items to support the client like continence aids and transport for example specialized transport to school, work or your community.  
Alongside this we also offer a range of services to support and assist clients with their individual support needs:

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